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When defects are found during the inspection, the inspection report is what you need if you want the seller to repair or compensate you for the deficiencies. Therefore the type of report that is provided to you is extremely important and there are two basic types; handwritten and computer generated.

Nearly half of the inspectors are delivering a handwritten inspection report. Handwritten reports are delivered onsite after the inspection, or mailed/faxed afterwards. They are often sloppy, difficult to read, unprofessional and generally don't include the photos necessary to support the findings in the report (see the sample at the bottom right). Is this what you really want?

Seidner Property Inspections reports are computer generated. Full descriptions and explanations are provided for our findings. Digital images and diagrams are used to help communicate our findings. Each report contains a summary section which highlights the areas of concerns. We feel this provides our customers with a cleaner, professional and easier to understand final product. 

Our reports are delivered by email in the form of a PDF file. If email is not an option for you, reports can be downloaded, faxed or mailed. To see a sample of our inspection report, click here. We know you will appreciate this report format and content over a field generated, handwritten, “check-box” style report, which is still common in the industry.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these reports.  Click Here to download Adobe Acrobat reader

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