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A good property inspector should be many things.

  • Part detective - Why is the basement wet? Is that cracking a problem? Can I move that wall?
  • Part educator - You should use 'x' amount of insulation in this room, and this is why.
  • Part Analyst - Is the heating system working properly and safely? What condition is your wiring in? When will I have to replace the roof?

Basically, your home inspector is a professional problem solver. Your home inspector should have all the knowledge, tools, technology and resources to provide you with a full inspection and report for your home, condo, multi-unit building or commercial property.

  • Find out what thermal imaging is, and, just as important, what thermal imaging isn't.
  • Find out how an energy loss evaluation can help you.
  • How do you know if you need construction consulting?

All of this information can be provided to you from Seidner Property Inspections. The most up to date technology, the resources to provide you with the expert, professional, report. Call SPI today and discover the difference. It starts with the first phone call.

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