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My Go-To Inspector

Cary has been my first line of inspection defense for about eight years now, and continues to shine as the inspector with the most knowledge, the most modern equipment, and the best attitude around--and I've met quite a few inspectors in my day.  He is patient and thorough with my clients, explaining how to use and maintain systems for maximum life, and always takes the extra time to ensure that questions are completely answered.  His reports are exhaustive, and our clients often use them as a "checklist" for home improvement, which helps them ease into the sometimes overwhelming idea of home ownership and responsibility. I trust Cary with my life, and I share that fact with my clients every time.  He is a joy to work with.

Suzannah Martin, Broker Associate

Especially perfect for the non-expert

Cary was great in explaining all the different aspects of the inspection in words I could understand.  Not being a particularly "handy" person myself I was a bit anxious about purchasing a house.  But Cary went over the entire property and explained things as we went.  Because he assured me of the report to come I was able to focus on his words and not try to keep notes. After the 3 plus hours I felt I had a good understanding of the property and the things to be attended to.  The report was very clear and I know I will use it for years to come as I work through the small and not so small issues with the house I am buying.  As others have said, I feel comfortable calling him should I have a question about his report.  Would definitely recommend him to anyone with a piece of property to be inspected.  And to top it all off he has the technology to process credit card payments right on site and e-mail a receipt.  A very nice touch.   

Joan Diamond

He Was Terrific

Mr. Seidner inspected my prospective condo with only two days notice. He was terrific to work with. I received a report one day later, which included photos and clear instructions for items that require immediate repair vs. short term updating.

S. W. - Chicago Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

Completely Prepared, Totally Focused And Very Safety Conscious

Cary responded immediately, we set a mutually agreeable date, he was there before I was, completely prepared, totally focused, very safety conscious and pointed out details that were important that were invisible to the unpracticed eye. He spent many years in construction and roofing before becoming an inspector so he knew what to look for. A very thorough 4-hour inspection of a 4 bedroom single family home.

C. M. - Northbrook Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

Great Service And Worth Every Penny

He arrived on time and spent 2 hours inspecting our condo. He answered all of my questions and was very helpful. Great service and worth every penny! The inspection was very professional and detailed.

D. M. - Chicago Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

Very Professional And Thorough

My experience with Cary was superb! He was very professional and thorough. He did a wonderful job of showing and explaining to me his various findings. He even took extra time to take more detailed pictures. His report was easy to read and was very helpful for future property repair and maintenance. I’d definitely refer more clients to him.

Q. M. - Chicago Home Inspection

Thanks Again For All Your Hard Work

Thank you so much for the great job on our home inspection. We were very pleased with how quickly you scheduled our appointment, completed the inspection and our report (in a blizzard). Your analysis was very helpful and the report was thorough, concise and easy to read and understand. We very much appreciate your professionalism and willingness to address our questions and concerns. Thanks again for all your hard work!

R. E. – Evanston Home Inspection

Very Professional, Knowledgeable, Thorough And Responsive

Very professional, very knowledgeable, very thorough, very responsive.  Great experience. EDIT for more detail - Cary Seidner was the inspector who came out, very knowledgeable and professional.

The whole inspection was about 5 hours - we started outside, then went to the garage, then the inside, and then he went onto the roof. He was happy to have me tag along right next to him as we went (actually he recommended so I would have his comments right as he saw them). Took dozens of photos that were included in the report. The report was a very nice computer generated report, including pictures, comments, and sample diagrams of recommended remediations and fixes. The inspection was on a Saturday morning (took about 5 hours) and he sent the completed report Monday night.

The report was a 44 page PDF with a summary and indexed detailed report after that. I read the report Monday night and had a list of questions- he spent about an hour on Tuesday morning going over the report with me including questions, areas of importance, and (as best he could) providing me some thumb-in-the-air budget ranges so I had a place to start. We would definitely recommend him and definitely use him again!

S. G. – Morton Grove Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

He Was Really Wonderful

I got Seidner on Angie's List. I used him because of the listing and reviews about him on Angie's list. Seidner was very professional and extremely knowledgeable.

He found multiple obvious things that the original inspector in the sale prospect did not find. He did not try to push any agenda or any associated vendors. He presented several options for possible repairs and ways to go about addressing repairs that needed to be done. The part I like the best about him was the foundation, grading, and water moisture. I felt fully informed on all my options. He told me once I get several people to come out and look and give me different scenarios, to feel free to call him if I need help talking it out. He was really wonderful.

I felt the knowledge he had justified the price. He was very responsive. He called me back about three minutes after I sent an e-mail to the general e-mail box. I would absolutely use them in the future.

J. K. – Evanston Home Consultation (From Angie's List)

I Was Completely Satisfied

Cary performed a Home Inspection on a 2-bedroom condo I am in the process of purchasing. He answered the phone when I called, and scheduled an appointment. He arrived early for the appointment, and performed the inspection in a thorough and careful manner. He welcomed me to walk around the place with him, educating me on generalities, and explaining problems he found, making sure I understood the implications. I was completely satisfied.

S. W. - Chicago Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

SPI Is A Top-Notch Company With Superb Service

Cary was very thorough, methodical, wrote great notes and made it a point to educate me on what he was looking for, what he saw, and the seriousness of any issues. My wife and I were equally impressed with the high quality service. I will not only ever use another home inspection company, but I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection.

Pleasant experience! Seidner Property Inspections is a top-notch company with superb service.

J. S. & S. S. – Evanston Home Inspection

I Would Highly Recommend Him

Cary did a great job on our recent home inspection. He was very detailed and walked my husband and I throughout the entire house, even pointing out things that were not officially part of his inspection. The report came back promptly and it was very detailed and easy to read! He was very responsive to emails and phone calls, making it a very easy transaction. He was prompt, organized, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.

M. P. – Naperville Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

The Report Was Thorough And Very Useful

Cary was professional, took his time in performing the inspection (half a day or more), and had me accompany him for much of it so he could explain what he was finding and talk through next steps. He also took a large number of photos that illustrated the issues he found. The report was thorough and very useful in getting the house ready for my mother to move in.

J. M. - Chicago Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

I'm Extremely Impressed

I'm a real estate investor based in Chicago. I engaged Cary Seidner's inspection services for a Chicago multi-family unit building that I was looking to acquire in August 2011. The property consisted of three units and totaled over 4,000 finished sq. ft., not including the basement or garage.

I'm extremely impressed with Cary's level of professionalism during the property inspection, which took about 4.5 hours. He was courteous to the existing tenants and extremely patient in explaining to me any details while I tagged along. Not only did was Cary thorough in the inspection process, he also gave a running commentary on every issue, highlighted possible fixes and whether they were immediate concerns or not.

A couple of major issues that were highlighted included chimney issues, ductwork, HVAC, bathroom floor structural damage, basement water damage and exterior ground grading. From an investor's perspective, knowing what does and does not constitute as a critical repair is important since it sets the basis of negotiations with the seller.

Cary's attention to detail was also evident in the comprehensive 47-page inspection report that he created despite a tight timeline. I would highly recommend Cary's services to first-time homebuyers and investors alike.

K. K. – Chicago Multi-Unit Inspection (From Angie's List)

I Was Extremely Impressed With The Breadth And Depth Of His Knowledge

My wife and I bought a new home in Evanston and were concerned, given its age (built 1918). We wanted a home inspector who was knowledgeable, reliable, and meticulous. Cary showed up on time and proceeded to walk me through the entire process. He spent literally hours there and I cannot imagine a more thorough inspection. He was careful to explain everything he was doing, why he was doing it, and why it mattered. A few times I would have appreciated a somewhat more thorough explanation of the item's significance, but given the final report I have no complaints at all.

Within three days, I had a full report, organized very helpfully, color-coded to help me keep track of what was critical, what was a safety hazard, what was merely recommended, and so forth. The report--which ran to almost fifty pages--was profusely illustrated with photographs of the items referred to, with very helpful practical advice about what to do and who to consult to do it.

Even better, Cary was available afterward to consult--at no additional cost--on the telephone to answer questions I had about the report.

Every one of the professionals I dealt with in the home purchase--particularly my broker and the seller's broker--commented that they had never seen a more thorough, detailed report.

As I mentioned above, Cary spent many hours on the property with me explaining everything, every step of the way. When he couldn't do something--because, for example, furniture or other obstacles made it impossible--he explained what he had intended to do and how I should address the issue going forward. I was extremely impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge.

That said, he won't do your homework for you. If you need to pursue something, that's your job, not his. He'll help, to the extent he can, and help you prepare for what you need to do. But you're hiring him to inspect the property and, for that, I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. It wasn't inexpensive, but it was an investment I expect to pay for itself over and over. I was--and am--very happy with his work.

D. G. – Evanston Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

We Loved Him

We loved him. He was really very thorough. He inspected really well. He seemed to like his job and kind of solve mysteries like 100 years of handyman work. The price was more than we thought we would spend, but we wanted somebody honest because of the age of the house. We talked about a lot of things upfront and I felt he was worth the cost. The quality of his service was great. He was there before us and followed up well with us. He suggested a few things to be replaced and told us how much it would cost. He was all business and professional.

B. H. – Oak Park Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

Great Report

Thanks. It's a great report. Very helpful for both negotiating with the seller and for general maintenance concerns for the property. The summary was clear and concise and the details provided great pictures and diagrams so that a "do it yourself" type could easily fix the open issues. Thanks again.

L. W. – Park Ridge Home Inspection

Saved us $8,000

Cary came out and inspected my home. We have lived here for 2 years but needed a second opinion on a few upgrades we are considering. Cary recommended adding insulation in our attic from the current 6" to about 12"-14". He also recommended that we purchase thick curtains for our bedrooms to keep them warm in the winter. He inspected the roof for us and saved us about $8,000. This was due to the fact that our original inspector told us we would need a new roof by now. Cary assured us it has at least another 10 years left until it needs to be replaced. He inspected the furnace and air ducts and helped me determine the most efficient way to close off vents and leave others open.

Overall, Cary was great. He was very informative on the phone and I knew I wanted to hire him after talking to him for 30 minutes. He is very knowledgeable but he will not try to b.s you if he doesn't know the answer to a question. He is straightforward and tells you that he is not familiar with something. The $150.00 I spent was well worth it due to the amount of money he saved my on re-shingling my roof. I would highly recommend him. Thanks.

P. L. – Oak Lawn Home Consultation (From Angie's List)

Hire This Man

Mr. Seidner was the first inspector to promptly return my call from the group of inspectors that I contacted on Angie's List. We confirmed a date and time, Sunday at 1 p.m., and took things from there. When I arrived at the property, Mr. Seidner was already there. We started outside with Seidner spending a great deal of time pointing out the masonry and foundation repairs that were needed. He also identified potential problems with a vacant lot next to the property that I was considering that could have eventually affected the property.

Once we went inside the real education began. Seidner took me from the top of the property to the bottom, pointing out all of the various short- and long-term problems that needed to be addressed. He has a very easygoing manner and was able to convey everything in layman's terms so that I fully understood the whole picture. Of course, my realtor was fit to be tied and acted as if she resented my having the information. However, Seidner was not deterred. He not only explained what was going on with the home, he was able to explain homes from that particular period -- how they were built, insulated, etc. -- and what it would take to bring the property up to today's standards.

He sensed that my realtor was not being an advocate and jumped into that role, making sure that if I went forward with the purchase that I did so fully informed with my eyes wide open. Because of Seidner's expertise and his being able to provide ballpark figures to rehab the home, I determined that the property would have been too costly and cancelled the deal. Before my inspection, I prayed for God to send an angel to protect me if the deal wasn't right for me. That angel was Seidner.

If you want an excellent, honest, professional home inspector HIRE THIS MAN. You won't go wrong. Mr. Seidner knows the mechanics of homes inside out and really takes the time to educate his clients on their purchase. Because of his expertise, I dodged a potential money pit.

K. M. - Chicago Home Inspection (From Angie's List)

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