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cary-spi-contactLet’s talk about service for a minute. Since my very first job at Dairy Queen when I was in High School, I was taught how important the customer was. Most of us, in one form or another, are in a service industry and customer satisfaction is essential to our success. I think that a lot of companies have forgotten, or worse, never believed that.  Service and customer satisfaction have been replaced with volume sales and discounted merchandise.

You won’t find that business philosophy at Seidner Property Inspections. I will be on time for your inspection. Your inspection will be miles Beyond the Standard and very thorough. During your inspection I will answer all your questions and explain to you how to use and maintain the equipment in your home. If questions arise during an inspection that I can’t answer, I’ll do the research and find the answer for you. I personally answer my phone 24/7, well actually 18/7 but only because I need to sleep.

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